Saturday, February 4, 2017

Which Camera should you buy?

Which Camera Should I Buy?

  It seems that I am alway getting asked what the best beginner camera is. Well, that is a very tough question because of all of the variables that go into buying a camera. The first thing to consider when buying a new digital camera is "What is your Budget?"  Digital camera range anywhere form a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. It is great if you just go out and spend a few thousand dollars on your first DSLR, but some cameras are more simple to use and easier on the pocket book. The Rebel camera line is great and more importantly easy to use with remarkably amazing photo quality.

         As a long time Canon shooter, I always recommend Canon because it's what I shoot with, and what I know. Today, modern DSLR cameras are very good. You could purchase just about any of them and be perfectly fine, or even better than fine. There are amazing photographers shooting with Canon Rebels, (Check out the equipment photographers are using on Instagram) which is Canon's introductory line. The Canon Rebel is usually what I recommend due to their awesome capabilities and their inexpensive prices. These cameras have proven themselves to be quite amazing. If you are that person that really doesn't know the first thing about a DSLR camera or are new to photography, then the Rebel will be a great camera for you. I figure until you learn to shoot everything in manual mode this camera will do everything the more expensive models will do. 

Do a little research on different cameras and their capabilities. This can be a little overwhelming due to all of the different models, but you will get a good idea. Then just do a little research on the Canon Rebel. Here is a link to a Canon Rebel T5 which I believe to be a wonderful camera for beginner thru intermediate photographers.

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